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“Nice smile.”

-John, USA

“I smile whenever I hear children’s laughter.”

-Heidi, Henderson, Nevada

“Cold rainy days”

-Sasha, Florida

“My Godmother:)”

-Cally, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

“Stars twinkling above the night sky always make me smile…”

-Huyen, Hanoi, Vietnam


-Emily, Colorado

“We got our passport!!!”

-Lanie, Manila, Philippines

“when I’m fell happy!”

-Anja, Madagascar

“My granddaughter Ashley she is so much fun.”

-Linda, Fresno, CA

“As a teacher, seeing my students awaken their passion for knowledge”

-Miranda, Los Angeles, CA


-Rocco, Brooklyn, NY

“My best friend Kiva makes me smile(:”

-Clayton, Alaska


-Maira, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

“Unity joy songs and hugs!”

-Thousand Oaks, CA

“Unexpected residual check in the mail”

-Brad, West Hollywood, CA

“My parents’ grins when they pick me up from the airport”

-Kyle, Glendale, CA

“Puppies…and other puppies”

-Natalie, Newport, RI

“Seeing other people smile”

-Anne, Austin, TX

“When I know someone has made their dreams come true”

-Emeric, Angiers, France

“Beach Walks on a Sunny Day”

-Stephanie, Miami, FL

“Vegetarian ghallaba!”

-Michael, North Las Vegas, NV

“Good Movies and Being With Friends”

-Andrew, Huntington Woods, MI


-Sandra, Vancouver, B.C.

“The joy in the hug of a grandchild”

-Flo, West Hills, CA

“How Amazing My Family and Friends Are”

-Arielle, East Lansing, MI

“Watching my husband and kids play in the backyard”

-Holly, Thousand Oaks, CA

“The smile of a child”

-Adrian Sanchez Cerdas, San Jose, Costa Rica

“Doing good deeds”

-Brianda, Reseda, CA

“Listening to the birds chirp outside my window each morning.”

-Katherine, Westlake Village, CA

“My Dog Sophie Makes Me Smile”

-Sandy, Oak Park, CA

What Makes You Smile?

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